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"Reconstruction of drainage systems and structures of the Kok-Shoki microdistrict of Kenta Shieli, Kyzylorda region"

Sewage treatment plants were built in the 70s of the last century.Household effluents mostly do not reach sewage treatment plants and drain into the soil. The old sewage treatment plants are in an emergency condition. All household effluents were discharged directly without cleaning into existing storage. There is no anti-filtration screen in the accumulators, and the adjacent territory is flooded. The old CBS created an unfavorable sanitary-epidemiological and environmental situation in the project area.

SOLUTION provided by Ersem
- Construction of new sewage treatment plants (CBS).
- Improving and changing the life of the locality.
- Reuse of treated wastewater for irrigation of green spaces and public utilities.
- The use of innovative MBR technology (Membrane BioReactor) separation of solid particles from the sludge mixture. High quality water purification

The quality of wastewater treatment for a comfortable stay of the population of the MKR. Kok - Shoki is built on demand and made in accordance with the SNiP RK

Membrane Bioreactor

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