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Water treatment stations A.SU-TS

Water treatment

Water treatment station is intended for clariication and puriication of water from heavy metal compounds, boron, luorine, iron and other elements. This kind of systems are used in industrial and domestic facilities
The equipment consists of a mechanical cleaning ilter, a deferrization system, a water softening system, a reverse osmosis system with membrane elements, a reagent and chlorine dosing station, a membrane chemical washing plant and pumping equipment.
The entire set of equipment is a single pre-assembled module.
The principle of operation is as follows:
  • Source water goes to mechanical cleaning ilters, where sand, rust, scale and other impurities are removed.
  • In the deferrization and aeration system, hydrogen sulide, carbon dioxide, iron and manganese are removed.
  • The reverse osmosis system removes dissolved salts, low molecular weight organic substances and colloids.
  • Automated process.
  • Effective cleaning from dissolved salts, organics and all colloids.
  • Easy to use and maintain.
  • Long service life.
  • Water treatment of drinking and industrial water in shift camps.
  • Water puriication for steam boilers at thermal power plants.
  • Water treatment in the food industry.
  • Water puriication at recreation centers, sanatoriums, children's camps.
Water treatment stations A.SU-TS
Provided with centralized water supply
S. Shungai. West Kazakhstan region
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