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Wastewater treatment plant with MBR technology

Water disposal

Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) technology is used in municipal and industrial wastewater treatment systems. Wastewater treatment plant with MBR technology is a complex of biological treatment facilities using membrane modules (microiltration, ultrailtration or nanoiltration). For microiltration and ultrailtration membrane complexes membranes with hollow ibers with 4 to 25 mm diameter are used. For microiltration processes plate modules are also used. Spiral membranes are used for nanoiltration membrane modules.
Membranes are made from cellulose acetate, hydrophilic polysulide, polyvinylidene luoride and other modern materials.
After the passage of wastewater from the stages of mechanical and biological treatment, in the membrane tank, the membrane selectively separates the puriied water from other pollutants. The selective separation process is ensured by the presence of micropores
(from 0.001 micron - to 1 micron) on the membrane element. This process makes it possible to exclude the process of removing activated sludge from treatment facilities, which leads to an increase in the oxidative power of bioreactors. Membranes are assembled into a single block with manifolds connected to pumping equipment, a pneumatic aeration system and backwash.
The use of MBR technology in wastewater treatment plants has a number of signiicant advantages:
  • Providing high quality puriied water.
  • Constructions using this technology have a smaller volume of structures and a small building area.
  • Energy eficiency.
  • High reliability and ease of use.
  • Wastewater treatment of industrial enterprises
  • Wastewater treatment of dairies and creameries
  • Surface wastewater treatment
  • Industrial water purification of textile production
  • Wastewater treatment of poultry farms
I1.N - return sludge pressure line - Ø90mm
I2.N - return sludge pressure line - Ø90mm
I3.N - pressure pipeline for the supply of sludge for mechanical dewatering - Ø65mm
3.H - pressure pipeline for the supply of sludge for mechanical dewatering - Ø65mm
I6 - filtrate drain pipe from mechanical dehydrator - Ø160mm
P1.N - pressure pipeline for the supply of wastewater to the emergency pond - Ø200mm
P2 - drain pipe of drains from the emergency pond - Ø200mm
P2.N - reverse pressure pipeline for sewage supply for cleaning - Ø200mm
C - sludge discharge pipeline - Ø90mm
K1 - household household drains
K 2 - industrial effluents
K0.1 - supply of effluents to the aerotank - Ø200mm
K0.2 - gravity pipeline for the supply of effluents to the membrane tank - Ø300mm
membrane bioreactor scheme
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