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Station for preparation of DOSY solutions

Water disposal

Stations for dosing and preparation of reagents are intended for the preparation of working solution and its calculated dosing into the system.
The station consists of solution and supply reservoirs, metering pumps, low meters, rotameters, shut-off and control valves, process pipelines, hoses, a base frame, a mixing device and an automated process control cabinet. The process of preparing a solution of the desired concentration takes place in the solution reservoir. Further the solution enters the supply reservoir, where the solution is dosed by metering pumps into the existing system. Mixers or pneumatic bubbling are used to stir the solution
  • Possibility of accurate proportional dosing with 2-3% error.
  • Autonomous work of the unit.
  • Possibility of dosing acids and alkalis.
  • Easy to maintain and user-friendly interface on the control panel.
  • Optimal overall dimensions.
  • Possibility of dosing dry bulk materials.
  • Dosing stations for locculants, coagulants and chlorine in wastewater treatment plants.
  • Station for Ph correction.
  • Dosing stations in the oil industry, Dosing stations in water treatment.
  • Dosing stations in the mining industry.
  • Dosing stations in the food industry.
Station for preparation of DOSY solutions
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