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Sewage Pumping Stations (SPS)

Water disposal

Sewage Pumping Stations (SPS) – is a complex of structures and equipment designed for pumping household, industrial and storm water. Sewage pumping stations are equipped with pumping equipment, shut-off and control valves, trash-holding mechanism, a set of pressure pipelines, lifting and transport mechanism, drainage system, system of pneumatic or hydraulic suspension of sludge, as well as instrumentation and automation system.
Through the supply pipeline, wastewater is supplied to the sewage pumping station and accumulates in the working area of the regulating receiving tank. The start and stop of the pumping equipment is carried out by means of loat level sensors, which signals are duplicated on the control panel, displaying the illing level of the SPS tank. The pumps are switched on alternately, ensuring a uniform consumption of technical resource.
For ease of maintenance, the pumping station is equipped with ladder and platform.
To ensure the smooth operation of the pump station, a standby autonomous power supply from a diesel unit is provided.
To ensure the safety of personnel during repair work, the station is equipped with forced exhaust ventilation and gas analyzers.
Depending on the required level of process automation, the control box is supplied with different control methods:
  • Manual control - all operations on turning the units on and off are performed by the service personnel;
  • Automatic control - all control operations are performed by appropriate instruments and devices;
  • Remote control - the unit is switched on and off from the control room, which is signiicantly remote from the station;
  • Combined control.
  • High quality - the body is not subject to corrosion, resistant to aggressive substances (unlike concrete or metal containers).
  • Service life - from 50 years.
  • Savings on maintenance - processes take place autonomously, without requiring the presence of personnel.
  • Upgraded automation system and instrumentation.
  • Low operation costs due to the use of modern means of ballasts.
  • Fast terms of installation of the pump station.
  • Stormwater drainage.
  • Household - household sewerage.
  • Industrial sewerage.
  • Sewage of industrial enterprises.
sps scheme
sps project
C - the full height of the SPS housing, mm
h1 - the depth of the laying of the supply pipeline, mm
h2 - the depth of the laying of the pressure discharge pipeline, mm
N1 - number of supply pipelines, pcs
N2 - number of pressure discharge pipelines, pcs
D1 - diameter of the supply pipeline, mm
D2 - diameter of the pressure discharge pipe, mm
Qmax - the maximum inflow of effluents into the SPS, m3/hour
Qcp - average inflow of effluents to the SPS, m3/hour
H - pressure
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