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Agyn Mixer

Water disposal

Mixers are designed for mixing a viscous substance or liquid with a high solid content. Mixers also prevent the formation of sediments at the bottom of reservoir and ice on its surface.
There are two types of mixers: submersible and semi-submersible. For submersible mixers, the impeller and the motor body are located at the single unit. Mixer is ixed in reservoir with a special clamp on the guide pipe. A winch with a cable is provided for lifting and lowering the equipment. The principle of operation is that the rotation of the impeller creates a luid low in the reservoir and provides mixing. Semi-submersible mixers consist of an electric drive, a gearbox and working blades. The electric drive and gearbox are installed above the surface of the stirred liquid, and the working blade is immersed in the liquid.
  • IP 68 class motor protection allows the mixer to be installed at great depths.
  • S1 motor type allows the mixer to work for a long time without stopping.
  • The impeller made of stainless steel provides protection against corrosion processes.
  • Guide pipes ensure quick removal and installation of mixer.
  • The motor is protected against moisture ingress due to the waterproof cable gland
  • Protection of the housing by applying an anti-corrosion layer of epoxy resin and zinc phosphate paint.
  • Treatment facilities.
  • Agro-industrial complexes.
  • Food industry.
  • Mining industry.
Agyn Mixer
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