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Integrated wastewater treatment system SMM-CW

Water disposal

Integrated wastewater treatment systems SMM-CW are designed to remove mechanical impurities, sand,
fats and oil products from industrial and household wastewater.
The irst step in SMM-CW units is the rremoval of large impurities on a mechanical grid. The separated waste is dumped by a screw conveyor into a mobile container. During the further step wastewater enters the sand collection chamber, where sand and solid mineral
particles are deposited. The settled sand is removed by a screw conveyor into a mobile container. The inal stage of wastewater treatment is the removal of fats and oils. Further, the cleaned efluent is directed by gravity to the outlet of the equipment.
  • Anti-corrosion resistance of equipment due to the use of stainless steel AISI304 or AISI 316.
  • All rubbing and rotating units and mechanisms have an increased service life.
  • The eficiency of trapping impurities reaches 80-90%.
  • The equipment tightness ensures lack of odors and minimum noise level of rubbing units and mechanisms.
Integrated wastewater treatment system SMM-CW
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