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Industrial wastewater treatment plant I.SU-TS

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Industrial wastewater treatment plant is a set of engineering equipment for water management, designed to purify waste water from industrial processes.
Depending on the nature of wastewater pollution, separate units are individually developed and manufactured for the treatment plant:
- Unit for the removal of insoluble components using physicochemical cleaning method.
- Unit for removing organic components, using adsorption method.
- Unit for removing heavy metals using sedimentation method.
- Unit for removing phenols, aromatic hydrocarbons, ammonia using degassing or stripping.
- Unit for the removing organic components, using biological method.
Industrial wastewater treatment plants are manufactured both underground and aboveground types.
Receiving tanks and mixing chambers are made of polymer composite materials or stainless steel.
Technological equipment based on chemical resistant materials is used for reagents dosing.
Technological equipment for industrial wastewater treatment plants are manufactured and assembled into separate ready-made plant blocks. The plants equipped with modern instrumentation and control systems, energy-eficient power plants, corrosion-resistant shut-off and control valves and pipelines. Depending on the technical conditions for water discharge, industrial wastewater treatment plants are equipped with additional reverse osmosis and ultraviolet disinfection systems.
  • Use of equipment and materials with large margin of safety.
  • Pre-design work with selection and analysis of wastewater samples and development of treatment scheme.
  • High level treatment which allows discharging treated water into ishery reservoirs, without the risk of pollution into the environment.
  • Long term of trouble-free operation.
  • Petroleum reining enterprises.
  • Livestock complexes.
  • Food industry enterprises.
  • Car wash.
  • Heavy industry enterprises.
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