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Flotation machines Flot-es

Water disposal

Flotation machine is designed for wastewater treatment from suspended solids, synthetic surfactants, fats, COD, BOD and
other pollutants.
The water pretreated with the reagent in the locculator is fed into the mixing chamber. Here, contact with water saturated with air (or other gas) occurs. Due to the pressure, tiny air bubbles are released from this water. The complexes of loccules and air bubbles (their density is lower than the density of water) loat to the surface. Floating products are removed using a scraper system and then removed through a chute into a sludge collector. Clariied water is selected using a siphon bafle and removed from the lotator.
  • The equipment can be installed in limited spaces due to its compactness.
  • Simplicity and reliability in operation.
  • Better cleaning.
  • Automated cleaning process
  • Treatment facilities of industrial efluents.
  • Wastewater treatment plants for household wastewater.
  • Meat processing industries.
  • Oil and fat production, Petrochemical industry, etc.
Flotation machines Flot-es
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