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Feed pumps


Our pumps and pipe fittings are used in all main and auxiliary processes of thermal power plants. When feeding and circulating boiler feed water, condensate and cooling water, they provide operational reliability, absolute accuracy and impeccable performance along with unsurpassed efficiency. Our pumps contribute to the high efficiency of steam turbine power plants and make possible significant energy savings.
Feed pumps are designed to supply chemically purified feed water to the boiler. According to the functions performed in the thermal scheme of a modern power plant, they belong to the main power equipment.
  • Saving energy, increasing efficiency and reducing atmospheric emissions
  • Reliable monitoring, automatic fault detection
  • Increase operational readiness, increase service life
  • Reduction of maintenance volumes, reduction of maintenance costs and reduction of auxiliary systems
  • Pumping feed water and condensate in power plants and industrial installations
  • Obtaining water under pressure in scale removal plants
  • Feed water supply at coal-fired power plants with supercritical parameters
  • Pumping feed water from boilers and condensate in power plants and industrial installations
  • Generation of pressurized water for hydraulic pump installations
  • For pumping feed water of boilers and condensate at power plants and industrial installations, for obtaining water by pressure for pressing, debarking plants and installations for scale removal, snow cannons, etc.
  • For pumping feed water in power plants and industrial installations.
feed pump
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