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Chlorination stations

Water treatment

Chlorination station (electrolysis plant) is designed for the production and dosing of sodium hypochlorite from chlorine-containing solutions. The plant disinfects water effectively as liquid chlorine does. Disinfection with chlorine ensures the deactivation of pathogenic vegetative and spore intestinal bacteria, as well as viruses.
Chlorination plants operate in a continuous mode, ensuring the complete destruction of pathogenic viruses and bacteria. Dose delivery is controlled in proportion to the low of treated wastewater. This method is achieved by interconnecting the low meter and the metering pump. The station has two metering pumps - 1 working pump and 1 standby pump. An electromagnetic lowmeter is included in the kit to measure the wastewater low. The principle of operation of the metering pump is as follows: a

Telon membrane is attached to the piston (plunger). This piston (plunger) is driven by a constant electromagnetic ield of the
solenoid. When the piston moves forward, pressure is exerted on the pump head, and luid is ejected through the relief valve. When the inluence of the electromagnetic ield ends, the piston returns to its original position with the help of the solenoid return washer, while liquid is drawn through the intake valve. The low meter consists of a primary low converter and a microprocessor converter. Converting of the measured value of the liquid low rate (volume) into a digital value is
carried out in the digital signal processing unit. This block also converts the low rate into a current signal, which is transmitted to the controller in the control box of the SU-TS station. The controller processes the incoming signal from the low meter and, depending on the value of the current output, sets the number of pulses to the metering pump.
  • Automatic adjustment and control of the process.
  • Precise chlorine dosing.
  • Simple and easy to use.
  • For the disinfection of livestock and poultry wastewater.
  • To eliminate the consequences of emergencies.
  • In housing and communal services.
  • For water parks and swimming pools.
  • For the disinfection of efluents in medical institutions.
  • For disinfection of mine waters.

Chlorination station for the hospital from Covid-19 Almaty

In the new infectious city hospital for 500 beds from Covid-19Almaty (Turksib district) has installed a chlorination station, which is a modern system of disinfection and disposal of medical waste, which makes it safe for the environment
For the disinfection of efluents in medical institutions.
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