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Water disposal

Blowers HD

Blower is designed for forced supply of compressed air to aeration tanks, bioreactors, aerated sand traps and other hydraulic structures.
According to the principle of operation, there are rotary and vortex blowers. Rotary blowers consist of a separately installed electric motor and a rotary unit, connected by a belt drive. The rotary unit consists of two illet-shaped rotors. They are rigidly connected to the shafts and rotate at equal angular velocities, but in opposite directions, while creating a low of compressed air. The vortex blower consists of an electric motor and a screw block, interconnected by a clutch. The screw block has an impeller that rotates with a small gap.
  • Ergonomic installation and optimal overall dimensions.
  • Long service life.
  • Simplicity in installation and start-up of equipment.
  • Possibility of minimizing the noise level by installing a soundproof casing.
  • In sewage treatment plants.
  • In ish farms.
  • Agricultural industry.
  • In specialized industrial ventilation systems.
blower HD
high pressure blower
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